Sharing The Good News Of Jesus


Peace Ev. Lutheran Church

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Sunday Worship at 10:15 AM

Sunday School and Adult Bible Class at 9:00 AM.

Fellowship with snacks and beverages after the worship.

 We welcome you to worship with us!

God’s richest bleshappy-new-yearsings in the New Year of 2017!



Peace is located at 47745 Mill Road, Houghton,  MI  49931-1045

Phone:  906-482-1602  

Email by clicking on the link.     Peace Ev. Lutheran Church

Our mission is to spread the gospel of Christ, to gather college students and the local community into a family of believers, and to share the message of hope and the promise of salvation through grace.

Peace Ev. Lutheran Church, peacelogo30Wisconsin Synod, is home to the “Lutheran Collegians,” a registered student organization at Michigan Technological University.

In our logo, the dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit brings us God’s peace by bringing us to faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.  Sharing that peace is what our congregation and our Lutheran Collegians are all about. We’d love to share God’s peace with you.  So poke around our website.  See what we have to offer.  If you can, join us for worship or a Bible study.  And if you have questions?  Contact our Pastor.


Year of Jubilee Celebration

On February 19th, 10:15 AM, Peace Ev. Lutheran Church will celebrate “The Year Of Jubilee!”  What is that?  Read Leviticus 25 for the details.  Every 50 years, God’s Old Testament people were supposed to forgive debts, release slaves, and allow land to go back to the original owners.  This “fresh start” was intended to be a picture of the freedom that is ours in Christ!

On February 19th, we will celebrate our freedom in Christ as we burn our mortgage with the Wisconsin Synod, Church Extension Fund.  As we do that, we will offer our thanks. . .

1)  To the Lord who owns everything.  He gives us the time, talents, and treasures so that we can return a portion to him in our offerings.

2)  To the Lord for moving the hearts of his people to respond so generously to our mortgage fund drives, allowing us to pay off our loan early.

3)  To our brothers and sisters in the Wisconsin Synod.  Volunteers through Kingdom Workers (WELS) gave up their vacations and sacrificed many hours to build our chapel, fellowship hall, and office areas, resulting in substantial savings to our congregation.

4)  To our brothers and sisters in the Wisconsin Synod who make gifts and/or investments in the Church Extension Fund.  Without such support, our Synod would have no money to loan at low interest rates to congregations like ours.  Just this week, an appeal went out for more such gifts and investments, so that more mission building projects can be funded in the WELS.  Paying off our loan frees up at little more money to help with that!

On Sunday we intend to celebrate God’s changeless, undeserved grace to each one of us!  We will rededicate our chapel to the continued proclamation of the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ!  We invite you to join us.


Would you like to help support our ministry?  We’ve now expanded our “Simply Giving” program to include web-based giving.  Click on the donate button, and you will be taken to a secure site managed by Vanco Services LLC.    More information on this program is included on the “Online Giving Through Vanco” page of this website.