Welcome, Visitors!

We love to have visitors join us for Bible study, worship, and fellowship. We hope our website can help answer some of your questions, and in this way also help make you feel more at home when you do visit us.


I’m a visitor. What can I expect when I come to church?


When you enter our doors, you will be greeted warmly. We want you to feel welcome in the Lord’s house.  An usher at the chapel doors will give you a bulletin. That bulletin will outline the order of worship used that Sunday.


After getting your bulletin, take a seat wherever you like. There are no “assigned” seats. Sit in the back if you like. Or sit up front. It’s safe.


When it’s time for the worship service to begin, our Pastor will greet all the worshippers. His welcome will include a brief overview of the Sunday worship theme, and he’ll explain the order of worship used.