Service Time

Sunday Mornings at 10:15

Sunday Bible Study at 9:00

Current Worship Series

Foundations of Faith Class

Weekly Message

Ministry is service. Therefore, ministry is not just for the church or the pastor. No, all Christians are called to do meaningful ministry. 
A no-strings-attached, no-expectations class that is free for anyone who wants to learn or review the fundamental truths of the Bible. 
The good news about Jesus offers you peace and strength that you can't find anywhere else. Supplement your week with a message of Peace. 

Why Peace?

Everybody wants to find peace, but this world can only offer you a limited peace. True, lasting peace can only come from this: Jesus has set you free from the burden of earning God's favor and blessings ourselves. Because of Jesus, the work is finished, God's best gifts are free, and God's love and approval are for you.

Gospel-Centered Worship

Family-Friendly WOrship

Weekly Schedule

The gospel is the power God uses to build up our faith, transform our lives, and provide us with lasting peace. That's why our worship places the gospel on center stage. From specially selected Bible readings to carefully crafted songs, from a solid yet relevant message to time-tested prayers and creeds, our worship proclaims the good news about Jesus from start to finish.
Even from their earliest years, children are models of faith for all of us. Our worship format not only encourages families to be together, but is designed for active engagement and participation by all, including children. The sights and sounds of active children are a great joy to us and evidence that God is blessing our future even now.
Sunday Worship
10:15 a.m.

Sunday Bible Study
9:00 a.m.

Wednesdays in Lent
5:30 p.m. Meal
6:30 p.m. Service of Evening Prayer

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